A Thought From Tuesday’s Royals/Reds Game #MLB #Royals #Reds #baseball

baseball player running on court

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The game was an odd one in that Ian Kennedy again looked like he was still a major league pitcher and Kelvin Herrera blew a save but be that as it may…


In extras, there were two Reds on and the ball was ground back to the pitcher and Billy Hamilton was caught in a rundown. He was between third and home and went back and forth and was about to be tagged out when he dodged back to evade. He was about four feet out of the baseline; since it’s not reviewable, he was safe.


How can someone egregiously break the rules and impact an outcome of a game and that not be reviewable? If someone looks out of the baseline, they are OUT of the baseline and they are out. End of story.


Mr. N The Baseball Fan


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