Phil Mickelson Should Have Been Disqualified #golf #PGA #USOpen #sports

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What Mickelson did at the US Open is what it is. He can say what he wants and all sorts of opinion and outrage and apology is going on. I am about facts. When he hit the ball back up towards the hole was an offense that carries disqualification and to have the PGA and the Open people go ‘nah it wasn’t really that’ is sad.


He did it, disqualify him – do not worry that either he is a) popular or b) it’s his birthday. Simply follow the rules.


Mr. N The Golf Noticer


The Habit of Pitchers Screaming at the Ump AFTER They Have Been Pulled by Manager #baseball #MLB

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A new thing going on in baseball that is pure disrespect and utter crap.


The latest offender is Chris Sale vs Baltimore on Wednesday. He is pulled by the manager and as he stalks off * like a 5 year old *  he starts to yell profanities at the home plate ump and the ump ejects him. The ejection is meaningless as the player has left the game. Evidently Sale is at least the 3rd to do this this week, one other being MadBum.


Here is my solution – anytime a pitcher who has been removed from a game gets suspended – he should be suspended 9 calendar days for first offense – guarantees one missed start; 25 days for 2nd offense and 75 days for third. That would have pitchers keep their mouths shut when they have been removed from a game.


Mr. N The Baseball Fan

A Thought From Tuesday’s Royals/Reds Game #MLB #Royals #Reds #baseball

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The game was an odd one in that Ian Kennedy again looked like he was still a major league pitcher and Kelvin Herrera blew a save but be that as it may…


In extras, there were two Reds on and the ball was ground back to the pitcher and Billy Hamilton was caught in a rundown. He was between third and home and went back and forth and was about to be tagged out when he dodged back to evade. He was about four feet out of the baseline; since it’s not reviewable, he was safe.


How can someone egregiously break the rules and impact an outcome of a game and that not be reviewable? If someone looks out of the baseline, they are OUT of the baseline and they are out. End of story.


Mr. N The Baseball Fan

The #Ohtani Debate: Are People Scrutinizing Too Quickly? #MLB #Angels #Shohei #baseball #TommyJohn #sports



It has been interesting how the phenom that is Shohei Ohtani has been analyzed for every thing on and off the field. He left a start with a blister. It was quickly being reported Tommy John Surgery was going to happen and he would be gone til 2020.


Or not. He has been DL’ed to rest his shoulder and heal his blisters. He did have a very slight injury to his shoulder awhile back but as evidence shows, it doesn’t stop his pitching prowess.


It’s funny how quick this went from a blister to Tommy John and only now, it is slowly sliding back closer to the yet defined truth.


Mr. N The Baseball fan

Saturday Sports Thought: Congrats to @Warriors and @Capitals + Other Musings #sports #TripleCrown #NBA #NHL

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The Warriors put away the Cavs with ease. Is it just me or is it odd that a cast appears on a hand at the post game presser then LeBron doesn’t have to answer questions about why the rest of the team doesn’t do much?



The Capitals have their parade today and good for them. Relatively long in the tooth Caps need to consider the wisdom of retiring now as going out on top with pretty good health is a nice send off and may not come around again.




Triple Crown shot at Belmont today but if the track is dry, I don’t really like the chances of that happening. At least this time, the Belmont will get the media coverage it deserves. A shame this great track and race only gets its due when a horse wins the first two.



Can you imagine what Shakespeare would do with material like the New York Mets? The tragi-comedies that could flow from his quill would make a great 10 part play.



Mr. N The Sports Fan

Mike Fiers Calls Out Stanton???? #MLB #Fiers #Stanton #Yankees #Tigers #baseball #SMH @MLB @Yankees @Tigers

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Fiers says Stanton reacted childishly?


Fiers broke Stanton’s face, and then went up and in.


Fiers is lucky only the baseball was knocked out of the park by Stanton. Fiers should just shut up.


Mr. N The Baseball Fan

Sunday Baseball Thoughts #MLB #baseball #doubleplay #sports #Cubs #Rangers #Yankees

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It’s Sunday and baseball is bubbling…


Rizzo’s slide was dirty and he flicked out a leg to take out a catcher and I have seen baseball played for many decades and never EVER have seen someone try to take out the catcher to break up a double play.


Roughned Odor is a scumbag. He was a scumbag before he sucker punched Bautista, he was a scumbag when he sucker punched him, he was a scumbag after that punch and he is still a scumbag when he tried to take out Andrelton Simmons with a spikes up slide at 2nd on Friday. Ban the dirtbag, MLB.


Rarely do I see the Yanks being ill served by MLB but the July 8 schedule move is ludicrous for the Yanks. They were scheduled to play Toronto at 1:05pm, July 8 and then fly to NY to play Baltimore the next night. The Yanks/O’s were rained out this week so that make up is now a double header on the 9th. That is baseball. MLB and ESPN moved the Yanks/BlueJays game from 1:05 to Sunday Night Baseball. Now The Yanks have to play 3 games in 30 hours with a long flight between games 1 and 2. What kind of horse shit scheduling is that?


Mr. N The Baseball Fan