Friday Sports Thoughts – Hockey HOF and Silver Slugger Award #NHL #HockeyHOF #MLB #SilverSlugger

Hockey HOF


Let the rant begin!


The NHL announced candidates for the HOF and Gary Bettman is on the list. What kind of a self involved egotistical wannabe Napoleon runt of the litter would put himself in a category when he’s not even retired?  What would they honor him for? Saying no to Canadian Hockey Teams?  Transferring teams from Canada? Putting hockey in places where sand grows 12 months a year? Playing hockey so far south of the Mason-Dixon that empty arenas are the result? How about Bettman retires, then after a few years…we can just ignore that he ever existed.


How lazy and stupid is MLB for naming JD Martinez one of the top slugging OF and DH? Couldn’t find a decent hitting DH who earned the award?  Or if giving it to JD, he doesn’t get OF, there are plenty of great OF who deserved one.  Dumb, Dumb move.


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Wednesday Sports Thought #NHL #collegehoops #NBA #MLB

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Wow evidently the Blackhawks now have the corner on the what have you done for us lately club.  To can their coach after his 10 year record and his 3 Stanley Cups? Wow.  The shoes to fill for the next BlackHawk coach are pretty damn big.

    Nothing says life is back then having College Basketball back! Even if Kansas is eating Michigan State for early dinner it is just great to have Dickie V and college hoops on again!
    Way to go Raptors for taking their first 3 West coast games, oft without K being on the floor.  Can’t wait to see Toronto face the BEAST (Golden State) – hopefully that game will be mano a mano with all hands healthy and then that will be interesting.
    My early votes for several MLB Awards now with finalists announced – NL MVP Yelich, AL – Betts; NL Cy Young – DeGrom, AL – Snell.  NL Rookie – Acuna jr, AL – Ohtani.
    That is my Wednesday thoughts as they came to me during MICHST/KAN on a Tuesday night!
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Monday Sports Thoughts #CFP #collegefootball #WorldSeries #NBA #NHL

Who is making a bowl appearance after this weekend?  The bowl sked has been out for a long time but now the fun is watching teams with 4 and 5 wins battle to get to the magic ‘6’
The Leafs are without Austen Matthews for a bit but calm down everyone.  They are in better shape with Tavares on the roster than they were last year when Austen went out.
The Sox win again! Poor Dodgers – always a bride’s maid, never a bride.  David Price shook off his post season demons and now he should take his ring and retire.
The Cavs fired their coach with an 0-6 start – the question I have is what would have their record been with LeBron there?  Considering the lineup I think they might be at best 2-4.  The Cavs are just not very good.
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Tuesday Sports Thoughts #WetheNorth #WorldSeries #sports



Nice 4-0 start by the Raptors – they need to keep a level head and carry this on. They don’t need to win them all but 67 wins would be nice total.




The World Series starts at 8:09pm which means they should reach the 4th inning by about 30 minutes past when I go to bed to get ready for work. Also playing outdoors in Boston in late October??? Make the World Series a warm/dome spot and watch the game improve even if home fans can’t make it.




Gotta just love Tuesday Night College Football. There is little better College Football for me than MEAC and Sun Belt.




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A Few Sports Thoughts Mid-Week #NBA #MLB #NHL #sports

Auston Matthews


The Leafs train kept rolling past LA and with Sparks looking like he might be a legit backup goalie things just got really interesting for the high flying Leafs.
The BoSox seem to have it this year and if they can finish off the Astros there probably is little to no chance the Dodgers (or just maybe Milwaukee) can even win one game.
The Warriors won their season opener and looked pretty good.  I don’t believe they will set the win record this year but I do think they will win the NBA Championship.
Is it college basketball season yet??
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Baseball Playoffs and Butler-Gate #MLBPlayoffs #MLB #NBA

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Well the AL finished up about as I expected – now it is the complete team – Houston vs a pretty complete team – Boston.
In the NL I kinda hope the under dog Brewers can take down the big money Dodgers.
Yelich for NL MVP
DeGrom for NL Cy Young
Bregman for AL MVP
Kluber for AL Cy Young
Butler had quite a Wednesday at T-wolves camp but in the end with him taking practice squad and kicking the starters butts…if you can do it, it ain’t bragging.
Pay and/or trade the man.
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A GM’s Life is Tough in the #NBA and #MLB! #sports #basketball #baseball

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Take the Minnesota Timberwolves Jimmy Butler saga. Butler, has a certain view of himself and his worth and the GM and front office said too bad, you are a part of this team and we will get you to see this is where you belong. 8 hours after that strong message the owner of the T-Wolves announced on social media that Minnesota had to trade Butler and right away. Ouch. No matter how the Butler thing ends there is a huge disconnect between the GM and the Owner. How would one operate with the Owner not respecting boundaries?


Take the San Francisco Giants. They were multiple World Series champs just in the last decade. They have suffered some injuries and this past off season the decided not to break them up but pick up big money vets to keep them competitive and challenge for the division. That went splat with more injuries and fading abilities and bam…the GM is gone. The public argument is that the GM was too old school and didn’t embrace new analytics but me thinks when Cutch and Longoria didn’t lead them to at least .500…the die was cast.


Not easy to be a GM is it?


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